My very first blog post!

Wow, my very first post! This has been a longgg time coming! I have been wanting to make a blog for so so long, like over a year. Of course I didn’t know where to start, how to start, or what I was doing. But it’s a learning process, so bear with me. Writing is a hobby of mine, I have so many journals that I write in, I LOVE to make lists, I could buy every “coffee table” book at Barns & Noble but I never actually read them. And although I love writing in an actual journal with an actual penical (I hate writing in pen) typing is a lot more fast, convient, and more fun. So here I am.

I mainly wanted to make a blog for my own personal writing. To share my life with the world (if you’re even interested), promote positivity, and give me something to do beside spend my free time on YouTube and Netflix.

I guess I’ll do a little bio and tell you about myself.

My name is Marisa
I’m an x-ray tech in the Air Force.
I was born on Leap day!
I currently have 3 tattoos.
I have a BFE (best friend ever) who is my soul sister and lives 1,282 miles away from me.
I have a boyfriend who lives 345 miles away from me.
And a family who lives 1,126 miles away from me!
I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction and that the quality of your days depends on the quality of your thoughts.
I’m new to the gym life but have been a long distance runner for about 8ish years (off and on) and love running half marathons (I’m too scared to tackle a full marathon right now).
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, sunflowers, and Criminal Minds.
I love to travel and my dream desination right now is Thailand, I wanna spend a few months over there.
I was born in Germany and have moved 11 times. Germany, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio, Japan, Conneticut, Germany again, Tennessee, Texas for basic training, a different part of Texas for tech school, and lastly another part of Texas for my duty station. And that’s pretty much it!






Disclaimer: The Brunette Blogger is actually the secound blog I’ve created. My first blog was on wix site and I just wasn’t impressed so I am switching everything over to WordPress!


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