“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.”

This is something I need to actively remember to practice more often. It’s so easy to focus on the negative things that happen in your life. And you attract the type of energy you put out into the world, thoughts become things, and what you think about (whether it be consciously or subconsciously) eventually becomes your reality. So dwelling on the negative things will only bring more negativity to your life.

HAVE GRATITUDE! Be thankful and appreciative for the little things in life. One thing I start doing and then it dies out and then I start doing and then it dies out and then I start doing and then it dies out is taking time each night to think back on my day and the things I am thankful for. I have written them down in a journal before, I have stored them in the ‘notes’ section on my phone, I’ve had a group chat with a few friends and we shared 10 things from each day with one another but each time I begin doing this it eventually gets put on the back burner and then I eventually quit all together. And I honestly forgot about doing this until a few hours ago when I was browsing some long distance relationship blogs online and “GRATITUDE” was something one the blog post wrote about. And so, once again, I am going to write down daily things I am grateful for. Except this time instead of trying to think of 10 half ass ideas I’m just going to start with 2 things daily. And I’m going to share them with Andrew (maybe he’ll start doing it as well) that way I can 1- share my gratitude with somebody else and 2- it will help to hold me more accountable to sticking with it this time!

If you find yourself dwelling more on the negative things in your life or you just want to put out more positive energy into the world then I challenge you to GRATITUDE FOR 2.

GRATITUDE FOR 2- pick anybody anyone in your life and start sharing 2 things you are thankful for, grateful for, or something that made you smile or made you happy at the end of each day and see if they will join the challenge as well!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope your long labor day weekend was as great as mine was and have a happy first week of September! 


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