Motivational Monday..?

It’s 10:15pm on sunday night and I honestly have no idea what to write about for motivational Monday this week. I have been feeling a little uninspired in this department recently. I think it’s because I haven’t been thinking about it too much, I have just been living each day going with the flow and I have been really happy. December has been a month full of change, lots of big changes. But good changes.  I feel genuinely happy recently with no effort, no thought and it’s a good feeling. So I guess for this week I my motivation is just to be happy. Smile at people for no reason, say hello, hold the door. Go out with friends even if you’re tired, buy that cute shirt you’ve had your eye on, and take some time for yourself. One week until Christmas so spread cheer, love, and laughter. Be a light in someone else’s life this week!


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