Did I really do that?!

Wow, what a Tuesday! I woke up this morning a little sad but I turned that around and decided to make it a good day, life is good. I was on my way to work, and since I don’t work until 8am there is never ANY parking near my work building. I know this, but I drove that way anyway just to check. As I was driving down the street I was looking to my right and a little back into the parking lot to see if there were any open spaces, when all of a sudden… BOOM BOOM. It was literally like that… my car up on the curb and then my car hitting the fire hydrant… Yes, I hit a fire hydrant. At first I was so shaken up and pissed and in disbelief. Like, “Did I really just run my car into a fire hydrant?! I’m a dummy!” but it happened. After the cops, fire department, and ambulance showed up and the medics took my vitals and I gave the cop my statement and I called my insurance company I was just standing there, with my car half on the curb half in the street, leaning against the passenger side door when this wave of thankfulness washed over me. I began to chuckle at myself, and I let go of any madness or anger I had inside me. I thought, “it has already happened, and there is nothing I can do about it now. So why let this ruin my entire day?” And it was in that moment I was so so grateful that I was standing there, with no scratches or bruises but what I was mostly grateful for was the opportunity to practice my gratitude and thankfulness and positivity. Like a test, and I passed. A lot of people I know, and probably a lot of people in general, would let something like this keep them angry for hours on end and mess up their whole day. But I didn’t let that be me. And so now, as I lay in bed and write this I still smile. Because although crashing my car into a fire hydrant was not what I had planned for my Tuesday morning, it taught me a great lesson. Bad things happen, everyday. You can either let those bad things break you down or build you up, the choice is up to you.

Happy ending of January and HELLLO FEBRUARY!



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