Writing is an underestimated art.

As I’ve gotten more into my own writing I have noticed how I pick up on different words and sentences in songs, other people’s writing, even when I’m reading. I noticed how they speak and how they write and I become mesmerized by the way they use words to speak such powerful message. It’s beautiful. I can’t completely wrap my mind around the way people can use ordinary words to create something so extraordinary. “Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white.” Being a writer can be so frustrating, and it’s hard not to compare your writing to someone else’s. Any time I read something that blows my mind I think to myself” Damn, I wish I could write something like that. That I could piece words together so well that you have no choice but to be moved by them.”  And I saw a post on tumblr that said, “Your writing seems boring and predictable because 1- you wrote it and 2- you’ve read it like eight million times. A Person who has not read it before does not have this problem.” And I kept trying to remind myself of that every time I get writers block or am not please will something I’ve written.

I read an article on Facebook called, “Stupid Boy, Don’t Let Her Go” by Mary Esp. And I loved what the article was speaking about and I love the way the article was written and so I just wanted to share it!

You can find more articles by Esp Here:


Stupid boy. Don’t you see how lucky you are? How lucky you can be? You have a girl who is willing to love you with everything she has, and you are about to watch her walk away. All because you are scared?

You’ve had bad relationships. There are things in your past that have broken you. You don’t think you are ready. She’s heard your excuses. She understands where you are coming from. But she still wants to stand by your side.

She wants to add to your happiness and help take away your sadness. She is willing to sit with you on the dark days and love you while you are relearning to love yourself. Don’t push a girl like that away.

She knows what you don’t. She knows you deserve to be happy. She knows you deserved to be loved. She knows you don’t have to fight your demons alone.

But the best thing about her? The best thing is she knows that she deserves happiness and love too. And she won’t wait around for long if you aren’t giving it to her.

She is standing in front of you with a fire inside her soul, offering you her hand. She is offering her kindness, her friendship, her love. And you are a coward if you back away from it. Because this girl…she’s really good at loving people.

It’s a love that changes people.

She’s not promising a happy ever after. She doesn’t know any more than you do if it will last. She’s not asking you to rush into anything you aren’t ready for. She’s just asking for your time and effort.

Don’t wait to come to your senses until after she is gone.

It will be a long time before you find another girl like her…if ever.

The kind of girl with a Friday night personality and a Sunday morning heart. The kind of girl your family will be asking about for years to come. The kind of girl who will rock with you during to best times and hold you down during the worst….as long as you are willing to do the same for her.

When you realize you haven’t heard from her in awhile, text her. When you see her face light up when she talks about her passions, let her know you notice. When you realize your life is better because she is in it, don’t let her go.

Right now, she is choosing you. But in the end, she will always choose herself. She knows she is great. She knows what she is worth and what she has to offer. She will not waste her time trying to convince you of it. Don’t let her walk away, because once she does she won’t be coming back.

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