I’ve got a knack for adventure.


“I’ve got a knack for adventure.” –Andrew Ramos 

Going skydiving has been something I have wanted to do for soooo long. And it was something Tal and I were always going to do together. Or at least we were supposed to.. when I told her I was gonna go this month she said “bitchhhhhh no!” Sorry Tal! But I just decided one day that I was gonna do it. So I started googling and yelping reliable places in Texas and I started reading reviews and looking at prices and all that jazz. I finally picked a place but I didn’t book my appointment right away. I gave it a few days and talked with my supervisors about the safety briefing I’d need in order to skydive. After a week of waiting, and after I got my safety, I finally booked my appointment!

On Friday we got a weather alert at work for bad storms  starting Sunday night, rolling into Monday. So I was super nervous my appointment would have to be rescheduled. Last night on my way home from a friend’s house the rain was pouring! It was coming down hard! And it stormed all through the night. It was still super cloudy when I woke up but I still had my hopes up! I went on with my day as planned; run, cook up some chicken for the week, iron my uniform, and call the skydiving company for a weather updated!

When I called the lady told me she wasn’t 100% sure about how the day way going to play out, but she thought the weather was gonna clear up. I hit the road with my hopes and nerves high. Luckily when I got there, the employees also had high hopes and we started the training class and briefing. A little while longer we were all getting geared up!

We all got into the plane and got ready for take off. It only took 8-10 minutes to get all the way up to the altitude we jumped at and the plane stayed at a crazy 45 degree angle which was a crazy feeling in itself. The door of the plane opened and I could immediately feel the freezing air hit me in the face. And arms. And legs. The wind was INSANE I could hardly move my own body forward, I think the only reason I even made it to the door of the plane was because of my instructor behind me. I put my feet on the outside ledge… and the next thing I know I was free-falling through the air. I wasn’t scared until I was already in the sky. It was so cold and so windy it was almost impossible to breathe. It felt like I was suffocating. I was low key getting worried I was having a medical concern or that I was going to pass out. I remember thinking “When is this gonna end?! It feels like we’ve been falling for forever and I do not like this feeling.” Finally my instructor pulled our parachute and we slowed down. I was finally able to breathe and I was able to actually speak! I looked around me and was surrounded by beautiful clouds. It was an insane view I couldn’t believe I was above the clouds floating through the sky. My instructor asked me, “Have you ever touched a cloud before?” And I was like… no. So he guided us down to the clouds below us and I stretched my arms out on both sides. It was so surreal and so much was rushing through my head. I was totally nervous about the landing but it went SO smoothly and we landed safely on the ground. I am so glad I decided to skydive and I would definitely do it again! (Although next time I think I’d like to go when it’s a little warmer out). If you are thinking about skydiving, stop thinking and just sign up for it! Just freakin do it! Shout out to the awesome staff at LoneStar Skydiving and to my incredible instructor who I jumped with! And thank you to Ellie for coming along for moral support, but next time you’re jumping too!

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