This earth is incredible.

“What a beautiful thought that some of our best days haven’t happened yet.”

There are so many fruits you haven’t tasted, so many beautiful songs you have not discovered, spices you’ve never heard of, and intriguing conversations you haven’t had. There are oceans you have not felt and plants you’ve never seen. Books you’ve never read and souls your heart has not touched. This earth is incredible. 

I follow this girl on Instagram, Emma Carey (@em_carey), who was in a skydiving accident and is now a walking paraplegic. She preaches and radiates happiness, positivity, and just how sweet life really is. I recently started following her on snapchat as well and I look forward to watching her story everyday. If you want to know more about her journey and her accident that you can check her out, because this isn’t what this post is about! BUT, it’s absolutley incredible the love for life she has after everything that she has been through. Some people may say she is pretty lucky, after falling from the sky and still being able to walk. Despite your opinion on Emma’s situation, you have to admire her outlook on life. How she lives each and everyday full of love, gratitude, happiness, and positivity!

Mod Sun is also another astonishing human being who speaks nothing of good vibes. He just dropped a new album called, “Movie” and if you’re looking for any inspiration or positive messages in your daily life follow him on Twitter, @MODSUN. In one of his older songs Mod Sun sings “If you woke up, that’s a reason to celebrate” and I love that line because it is so true!

You never know when the best day of your life is happening until it’s happening. If you want up every single day with the intentions of making it the best day of your life, amazing things are going to happen to you! Your attitude is E V E R Y T H I N G! Your thoughts control how you feel so think good thoughts and you will feel good, it’s really as simple as that.

And I know you go through times; days or even weeks, something months or even years when life just seems shitty but they don’t have to be. Everybody goes through stuff, that is simply just a part of life but how you react and how you let whatever the circumstances may be affect you, will in fact affect you “quality of life”.

And so the quotes I wrote above are intended to inspire you. Knowing that some of the BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE are still out there, waiting for you, is such a beautiful thought. That’s enough to get you out of bed are your toughest days. There are so many things still out there for you to discover. So much love you haven’t received yet. So many valuable friendships you’ve yet to build. So many songs that will one day become your favorite. Everybody (okay, I shouldn’t day everybody.. but a lot of people) in this day and age believe the world is full of disgust, hate, and all things ugly. And yes, I know the world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine all the time. But life is beautiful. Life is valuable. There is so much to look forward to. There is so much good. If you can’t find the good, be the good.




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