I have a TON of notebooks/journals (ten) and I like to use each one for different things. I have this blue and white notebook that I’ve had for a few months and I like to use it as a little motivational journal. I started using it back in August when I began my blog! I’ve written down how to start a blog, advice on picking a blog name, blog post ideas, goals for the year (military and personal goals), things about long distance relationships, cheap and easy ways to travel, different ideas, quotes… the whole nine yards. I made a journal entry on November 28, 2016 titled “Making a change in your life” with a list of goals I wanted to accomplish.

“What are the habits of that person”

  • write a novel in December
  • finish math with an A
  • pass my last management clep for my associates degree
  • start running again and pass my PT test
  • read more books that I actually enjoy
  • write more often; try everyday
  • learn 1 song on the guitar
  • put time and effort into relationships
  • love yourself and others

I want to use this blog post as a reflection of what I have accomplished so far.

Did I write a novel in December? No… for a few reasons. I did start, but to complete a novel in one month you have to write 1,600 words a day and that is very time consuming. December is when I began branching out with people at work and making friends! I was focused on building those relationships and living a life outside of my dorm room which was more important to me than writing a novel, so the novel fell to the back burner. I also had planned to write my novel about Andrew and I. Write our story up until the point we were at in our relationship and then write the rest from my imagination. But right before December we broke up. I had no other novel ideas so I started writing about Andrew. But it was too hard to write about our love while trying to heal and get over someone at the same time. Which is eventually why I just dropped the novel all together.

Did I finish math with an ‘A’? Also no… ): BUT I did get a B+! And while I definitely could’ve gotten an A if I tried a little bit harder, math has never been my forte so a B+ isn’t the end of the world.

Did I pass my last management clep? HELL YA I DID! Thank god, because I would’ve been screwed if I hadn’t.

Did I start running again and pass my PT test? Yes. I have started running again! Although not until more recently. I wrote this goal at the end of november but didn’t really start running seriously again until January/February. AND I did pass my motherfuckin PT test with a motherfuckin 93!!!

Have I read more books I actually enjoy? I did read a new poetry book in about a day and a half but that’s really the only book I’ve read so far. I think I’m gonna go to the library this week and get a book for my upcoming flight.

Have I started writing more often, maybe even everyday? Yes! I have been doing so much writing this entire year. I have been really focused on my blog and trying to stay motivated in my writing. I haven’t written EVERY SINGLE DAY but I have been write very often and it makes me very happy and very proud.

Have I learned one song on the guitar? No. Am I going to? We’ll see.

Have I put more time and effort into relationships? I was doing pretty good when I first wrote down this goal but I do feel like I have fallen off the track a little bit. I better get back on board. This goal is vital.

Love yourself and others: I’m honestly not exactly sure what I was thinking or where my head was at when I wrote this goal down. But I’m glad I did! I definitely have been loving myself more and more. And it’s such a wonderful feeling. Learning to love yourself is not an easy task but it’s also not impossible. Personally, I think everybody should have the goal to love themselves.

I’m really glad I came across this list of goals I wrote for myself and I am proud to see I have accomplished some of them! It’s a good feeling to check things off a list, especially since I am a list kinda person. (I saw a tweet once that said something like “sometimes I put things I’ve already done on my to-do list just so I can cross them off” which I think is pretty funny) I think it is so important to write things down, that makes them more real and it hold you more accountable. Write down a list of things you want to accomplish. Doesn’t matter then time frame, it could be a week, a month, a year, or just goals for your life. You can keep this list tucked away in a journal or you could hang it up on your wall so that you can see it everyday. Whatever you do, go back to your list a few months later and see what you’ve accomplished.

P.S. Your goals don’t have to stay consistent, they don’t have to stay the same. You are constantly changing, everyday. Your goals will change too. So if you go back to your list a few months after you’ve written it and you are unable to check some things off, that’s okay. Reevaluate. Do you still want to do those things, or has your minds changed? Once you’ve answered that question, make a new list.

P.S.S. Always make a new list. Never stop changing and growing. Never stop trying to accomplish your goals and your dreams. Never stop trying to get better.

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