I got home from my family cruise a few weeks ago, and honestly I was planning on writing about it wayyy sooner! I wrote everything in the notes app on my phone and was planning on just transferring that into a post but right now I don’t really feel like doing that. Plus, I’m trying to put together of a video of my trip and kinda want to put the two together, so it may be awhile on that one! But what I did want to talk about was being disconnected for a week. From social media, my friends, and any other people who were not with me on the cruise. Because it was incredible and honestly, much needed.

I was a little nervous as our ship sailed away from our port in Alabama because I knew I’d be losing cell service for more than a few hours, which I hadn’t experienced in almost 3 years when I went to BMT. I thought I was going to miss out what everybody back home was up to and I was lowkey a little sad I wouldn’t be able to post all my sunset pics on snapchat. As the week went on, I became more and more thankful for a week without cell phones. I read a book. Actually read a full book from cover to cover. I hadn’t done that in sooo long, and I love to read! I got to spend every day truly engaged in conversation with my family without any distractions. I got to focus on the people who were currently surrounding me, which I think is sometimes hard to do when we have our phone constantly attached to our hands. But it’s something I noticed a few days after the cruise ended that I am most thankful for. And that’s how much slower the time passed. Typically a week flies by pretty fast and you just go through your typical motions each day. But looking back at my week at sea, the short 5 days I was on vacation felt like SUCH a long time. I was baffled at how slow it felt. It’s like time just slowed down. When you don’t have social media to check (and then get lost in) all the time you actually spend your time doing things that are productive and self-fulfilling. I think disconnecting from everything for a few days was the perfect reset for me. And as I’m sure I wont willing disconnected for a week any time soon, I do want to make a conscious effort to spend less time on my phone or consume in the internet. I want to enjoy the sunshine more, read more books, write more, exercise, paint, take photos, go out with friends and really enjoy each day for what it is. I want to make the most of every day I am given. I want to create a life that makes me wanna jump outta bed in the morning and I just wanna be happy.  So so happy.

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