“Your eyes will be his peace and your heart will be his home.”

(except in this scenario we’re going to change “his “to “her”)

Back in March you came to see me for the first time in three months. You were so certain that things would be the same. Like nothing had changed. Everything would just fall back into place right were we had left off. I did not agree. I was confident that things would not be the same, how could they be after all that had happened? I thought it would for sure be awkward. But, I was wrong. I got your call around 3am letting me know you were 10 minutes out from base. This was the first time you had been down since your ID expired so I had to go sign you onto base. I got to the gate before you and my eyes were glued to my rearview mirror. Waiting for the moment I saw your car turn the corner. When I did, my stomach dropped and my palms became sweaty. I was so damn nervous. You parked next to me and we both got out of our cars. You walked towards me with arms wide open and embraced me in one of your famous (at least famous to me) bear hugs. And all at once I felt like I was melted.. or floating on air… I was at peace. You felt like home. You and your body. Your hug. It was home.

Fast forward to the middle of May. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m rushing to get all my work done so I could start my weekend early. I had a 6 hour drive ahead of me after an 8 hour work day and a week of poor sleeping. So I was anxious to hit the road and make it to my destination.

Finally the end of the day came and I was on my way! The drive was going much better than expected and once I got out of traffic, it went by pretty fast! I’ve made this same drive (there and back) more times than I can count. I love hitting each town on the way, each a different milestone of how far I have left to go. The post office, Blanco, the gas station next to the left turn, the big giant rocking chair, Jacksborro, Mineral Wells, Grahm, Archer. The green state highway sign- Wichita Falls 110 miles. I fill with excitement every time I see that sign. And the big ol city sign- “Welcome to Wichita Falls”. I just breath out and smile. I am home.

I lived in Wichita Falls for 9 months in 2015 for part of my OJT training for x-ray school. I remember finding out that’s where I would be going for training and fighting back tears. I was so pissed that’s the duty station I got while my sister got Florida and a beach 10 minutes down the road. Little did I know the love I would develop for the tiny town at the very top of Texas. Little did I know the man I would meet. Little did I know the place Wichita would hold in my heart. Little did I know how my life was going to change.

Wichita Falls now holds such a special place in my heart, I think it will forever. I think it’ll become a place I always go back to visit. I don’t have a real home anywhere, just pieces of place that are near and dear to me. Wichita is now one of those places. I have so many memories in that town. So many stories to look back on. So many good times that bring me so much happiness. I can’t imagine how different my life would be right now if I hadn’t been assigned Wichita Falls. The people I’ve met because of that town, I can’t picture my life without them. And lucky for me, I don’t think I’ll have to.

The green state highway sign- Wichita Falls 110 miles.

Back to May 13th. Andrew Ruben Ramos graduates with a Bachelors of Business Administrations from Midwestern State University of Wichita Falls, Texas!

Saturday was full of emotions and craziness as we made sure everybody got to graduation on time (and at the right location!). Hugs, congratulations, and pictures were taken out in the hot Texas heat. Everyone came home to celebrate our graduate, eat great (and I mean great) food, drink beers, listen to music, converse, and enjoy everyone’s company. Saturday was such a good day that I think I will be forever grateful for. I like to look back on each day and think about what my favorite part was. Laughing in the bedroom with Andrew, his two sisters Andrea and Angelica, and their cousin Micheal was hands down the highlight of my May 13, 2017. Laughing already is one of my most favorite feelings in the world. And getting to laugh until you cry, until your stomach hurts, until you can’t breathe is even better. Laughing with you felt almost foreign. Felt like something we hadn’t done in a very very long time. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I hope with each day and each visit that feeling feels less and less foreign. I hope it begins to feel like second nature. I hope it becomes a part of our daily routine.

P.s. you looked damn good too!

A letter to my love,

There are no words in the english language to truly express how proud I am of you. This is something you have worked your ASS of for and it has finally paid off. Watching you get dressed up in your button-up and tie. Watching you put on your cap and gown and walk towards the stage. Hearing your name be called over the loud speaker and witnessing you receive the degree you have worked so hard for over the last few years, day in and day out. There are just no words. College is something that scared the shit out of me as I become a senior in highschool. I took the less scary option (in my eyes) and joined the military. To watch someone I love so much accomplish something so amazing, and something that I was way too scared to attempt myself, is an incredible feeling that I just can not describe. Graduation day has been something we have been looking forward to for so damn long. When we first started dating towards the end of 2015 I remember you coming home (aka my dorm room) feeling so defeated and down on yourself for taking an extra year than the standard to graduate. You are always your own biggest critique and the look in your eyes that day is something I will never forget. Every time you would struggle to stay up late and study, or get an assignment done on time, or exhausted bc you just worked a 12 hour shift and now you have to go spend 4 hours in the library working on a group project, I think back to that day. I would always think about how your life would be after you graduated.. your life could finally begin. I felt helpless because there was nothing I could do to help except be encouraging. For that day to finally be here, standing right in front of us, I can only imagine the excitement, pride, and joy you must have felt. I have already told you so many times, even already in this letter, but I am so fucking proud of you. I know WHATEVER you do in the future you will be successful at it. You will grab every challenge by the horns and look it straight in the eye. Nothing is too big or unattainable to you. Your drive, desire, work ethic, and determination are huge factors in what lead me to fall in love with you. I am so thankful I get to witness all the great things you accomplish in the future, this is only the beginning. Keep your head up high A, let the adventures begin. Te Amo.

                                                                                                          – M


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