Does money buy happiness?

Monday does buy happiness. It does not cure sadness or anxiety or depression. But it does buy happiness.

I was on a road trip over the weekend and I was listen to David Dobrik’s new podcast, VIEWS, with Jason Nash. The episode I was listening to was called “Money Buys Happiness”. David was talking about how so many people say money doesn’t buy happiness and how he disagrees, he says that money DOES buy happiness. Davids talks about how money does not cure sadness but it does indeed buy happiness. And I honestly have never thought about it in that light before. But I have to say, I agree with what David is saying.

Money buys clothes, jewelry, shoes, food, books, decorations, cars, plane tickets. Which yes, are all material things and probably don’t buy long-term substantial happiness. They won’t fix the broken relationships with others in your life, they won’t cure the hurt and anger you carry inside of you, they won’t make you like your job any more. But they do buy temporary happiness. When I find the cutest dress that fits just right I get very happy. When I was able to buy my first car and put a decent down payment on it I was very happy. When I purchased my plane ticket to go home for my little sister’s high school graduation I was very happy. Money isn’t going to cure the deeper issues that each of us deals with everyday, but it can add some light to the dark days. It can allow us to create memories with others that otherwise may not be possible. It allows us to create and connect and live.

I really like the idea behind what David said and I think it is something I will carry with me. Far too many people in this world base their complete happiness and success on how much money they make in a year, how big their house is, what kind of car they drive. None of those things matter, none of them will make you fill more fulfilled at all times. But they do bring slivers of happiness, you just have to know the difference and find the balance. But don’t say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but that just isn’t true.

I’d love to hear your opinions on whether or not you think money buys happiness. You can leave a comment on this post, email me from the “contact me” page, or talk to me through my social media @MarisaaaE

On a side note, I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I am so thankful for this long weekend and the short work week that lies ahead. I get to go home and spend 9 days with my family at the end of the week and I am ecstatic! Being with my family is one of my favorite things in the world! Enjoy today, remember all the people who made the ultimate sacrifice, and have a kick ass week!


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