I know just a few days ago I posted about how I’ve been in the grey area, which is somewhat unusual for me. I’m typically at one end of the scale or the other. This week, but mainly this past weekend, was really hard for me emotionally. I hated the way I was feeling and I wrote about being in the “grey” area. That was just three days ago. Today, I found myself waking up with a smile (even if it takes a minute to form after I turn my alarm off) and for that I am thankful. I’m feeling happier today, more motivated, and more inspired. I saw a picture on Instagram yesterday that instantly sparked some inspiration inside of me. Which is where this blog post comes into play!


My whole life I’ve had this idea stuck in my head about never having enough time. I had this idea of what my life was supposed to be, and if things weren’t going according to plan I would tend to freak out a little bit. And there is SO much I want to do in my lifetime, so many different things, and so many different people I want to be. I felt like I had to choose just one and run with it. And all my other wants would just have to fall to the side. One dream in particular I remember having when I was in middle school was to be a dog breeder when I grew up. I wanted to live on a lot of land with a perfect cute farm house (wrap around porch included) and breed dogs, and then give them to good loving homes. Another dream I had was to work in the medical field (I didn’t know at the time what I wanted my job to be) I just knew I was going to live in Tennessee and work at St. Jude’s hospital. Can’t forget my dream, which came about at a very young age, of wanting to be a famous rock star! LOL. There are so many things I wanted to do and I feel like time is running out! But it’s not.

Two things I’m trying to constantly remind myself of is that 1- there is enough time. And 2- I can do any and all things I set out to do. I also used to believe that I had to pick one thing to do or be good at. (and at the time, I didn’t even have a thing!) But that is not the case. I can have interests and invest my time into more than just one particular thing AND I can be good at more than one thing! I just have to find what I like. I have to find what brings me joy, ignites a spark within me, and keeps me inspired. For now, that is mostly just my writing. Which I love. But there is something Andrew and I have been brainstorming and working towards that will be in the works very very soon and I think that will also be something I really love. (You’ll have to check back in to find out what we’re gonna do, cause it’s gonna be fun!)

I’m in the process of learning I can be a runner (or cardio enthusiast in general) because that’s what I love but also lift weights in the gym because I want to become strong. I am learning that I can read books like I actually enjoy (like a Nicolas Sparks novel or any romance novel for that matter) and I can read books to further improve myself and my life. I am learning that my style can change depending on my mood. I can wear dresses (which I do 99% of the time, usually in the summer) but I can also wear all black everything (which I also do 99% of the time, summer or not). I can be a writer and a painter (I’m better at one than the other but who cares). I can strive for a healthy lifestyle 90 percent of the time but it’s important to have sweets in your life too. “Eat chocolate when your heart wants it and kale salad when your body needs it.” They say everything is good in moderation, and for me, that’s not strictly related to food. Like this picture says, balance is KEY! It’s essential. I really love the end of this quote, “Make your own rules and follow your own path and don’t let anybody tell you how to live according to theirs.” Don’t set boundaries or limitations on yourself. This life is your own, so live it unapologetically.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.40.37 AM

P.s. Happy August! This month is the one year anniversary of my blog & I am so exited!!

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