Happy Birthday 

August 6th. 

I’ve heard people my entire life talk about their loved ones who have passed, saying things like, “there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you” or “there’s not a moment when I’m not missing you” and things like that. I really didn’t believe it until I experienced it myself. 

It’s almost been a year without you and today is your first birthday in Heaven. I’m thinking of you a little more than usual today, and missing you even more. I hope you’re hanging out with Grandpa having a grand old time celebrating the wonderful person that you are!

What they say is very true, there’s not a single day that passes when I don’t think of you. Even if it’s only for a moment. My “Team Dee” bracelet sits on my bathroom counter while I sleep and on my right wrist the rest of the time. I’ve also got another bracelet hanging from the rear view mirror of my car. It always reminds me of that weekend I came to visit Chandler and you had me driving on some crazy back country road! And I totally blew a stop sign! You said, “RISA! There was a stop sign there!” I just kinda laughed and made an “oh shit” face. That memory sticks in my mind more promoinant than any other. And it makes me smile every time I think of it!

We will all be celebrating you today. And although we all wish more than anything you could be here celebrating with us, we know Jesus and Grandpa are taking really good care of you, and that you’re having the best party of your life. We love you and we miss you always, Happy Birthday Aunt Dee! 

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