Ben & Jerry.

And no, I’m not talking about the ice cream!


Probably about 6 weeks ago I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone with my parents when Andrew walked through the front door with a fish tank in hand. I thought it was a stupid idea (I was super mad at him at the time so I thought everything he did was stupid). It took us awhile to actually get around and set the fish tank up and when we finally did, we found out we had to have the tank set up for a few days before we could put any fish in there! (I had no idea how much work a fish could be!)

FINALLY, yesterday evening we drove to Petsmart and bought not one but two fishes!!! We got two little guppies, a yellow one and an orange one! Andrew, being the genius he is, thought of a really good name for them. Yep, you guessed it! Ben & Jerry! Ben is the yellow guppie and Jerry is the orange guppie!

We had so much fun setting up our fish tank and so much fun bringing our first pet home. Like I said earlier, I thought the fish tank was a stupid idea, and neither one of us was still overly excited to have a fish. (We want a dog SOOOOOOOO badly but we want to wait, mostly Andrew, until we have a bigger house). But dang was I wrong about fishies being stupid. Because I freakin love them! Every time I walk by the fish tank I get so excited and happy. And even though it’s not the same has having a dog, you can’t really play with a fish, you can’t pet a fish, and you definitely can’t snuggle with a fish, it’s still something that’s ours. Our first pet together and it’s exciting!

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.12.56 PM

It’s been so fun to live in my first apartment and get to experience it all with Andrew. It’s been so fun to decorate our house! I was thinking the other day about what makes a house, a home. Even since before I had graduated high school I have been outrageously excited to have an entire apartment to decorate! It’s been a little frustrating as I realize I can’t buy every single thing I want for my apartment all at once because it just isn’t practical for Andrew and I, we want to spend our money else where too. But recently it’s clicked in my head; it’s not about materialistic things. Yes, I LOVE our couch, I LOVE our desk, I LOVE have a furnished kitchen. But I’d be just as happy without all of those things. What makes a house into a home? It’s the people you live with (if you live with anybody) whether it be your parents, a roommate, your bestfriend, significant other, kids, whoever! And it’s the memories you create in your home; the late nights spent laughing until your stomachs hurt, it’s the fun evenings spent cooking disastrous meals in the kitchen and then washing the dishes the next morning. It’s the friends and family you have over for movie nights, girls nights, Superbowl parties… whatever! It’s those special moments that make a house, a home. It’s those moments that you create in your house that will be remembered and that’s what matters! I am so thankful for all the memories that have already been created in our little apartment and I am immensely excited for the memories that are to come in the future.

“What a wonderful thought that some of our best days haven’t happened yet.” 

P.s. If you want a more inside look into our experience of getting our first; we made a vlog about it! No videos have been posted yet, but you can subscribe to our channel HERE for when we are ready to launch our channel!

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