Being Away from Home for the Holidays.

Happy December 1st

I can not believe it is already December. I feel like it was JUST New Years, this year has flown by! I also can not believe it’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted, so my apologizes on that! But if you don’t already know, I am a Christmas enthusiast! It is by far the best time of year, it is my favorite holiday, and I get into the Christmas spirit sometimes as early as May! What can I say, I’m obsessed. One thing in particular I do every year is a countdown to Christmas. And I do it by “sleeps”, so 24 sleeps til Christmas!!!

Today I wanted to write about being away from home during the holidays.

One of the worst, and one of the hardest, parts of living away from “home” is missing out.   There are a ton of things I miss out all the time, the one that’s hardest for me is my little brother, Nate. He was only 10 when I left for the Air Force and I feel like I’m missing out on his whole life, on him growing up. I miss all his football games, all his wrestling matches, all his first days of schools, school dances, report cards, ect. I’m missing out on his everyday life and now he’s 13, which means it’s like pulling teeth trying to get a text back from him!

But this post isn’t about Nate (sorry bud). It’s about being away from home around the holidays. I’ve missed Thanksgiving almost every year since I left home but this is going to be my very first Christmas in 21 years that I won’t be going home.

— Thanksgiving just pasted, and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of delicious foods surrounded by people you love! —

It is so weird that I won’t be in my parents home with my family for Christmas. No matching Christmas Eve pjs, no pizza dinner in the living room while we watch Home Alone, no sleeping in the same room with my brother and sister, and no waking up at the crack of dawn for presents! I will definitely miss all the MFE traditions, and my family of course, but I’m also excited to start new traditions of my own with Andrew.

Three things I am grateful for that will help me be a little less sad about being away from home.

  1. FaceTime

I am so dang thankful things like FaceTime exist. It’s allow be to be apart of birthdays, holidays, and other special events while being thousands of miles away. This year my favorite person in the entire world (my Uncle Richard) was at my parents house for Thanksgiving and even though I wasn’t physically there to be with everybody, we got to share some laughs via technology.

2. Creating my own family traditions.

This is Andrew and I’s first real Christmas where we live together and it has been so fun already! I love our little home more than anything but our little home decorated for Christmas is the BEST!!! (There will be a future blog post about our Christmas Decorations soon, I’m still just waiting for a few things to come in the mail!) I can’t wait to create our own Christmas Eve traditions that we can continue of when we start a family of our own. That gets me so excited and makes being away from family so much easier.

3. Practicing Gratitude.

Instead of being sad and upset about all the things I don’t get to do or have this year, I will be grateful for all the things I DO have. My grandma lives 20 minutes away from me, I get to carry on “Operation Cookie Drop” (there will also be a future blog post about what that is so stay tuned for that), I get to work with the local children’s shelter and make a difference in the lives of others, I get to spend Christmas with Andrew, and I have great friends surrounding me. I have so much to be grateful for that there isn’t even time to focus on what there is to complain about.


If you are away from home for the holidays this year, whether it’s your first time away or not, know that you’re not alone! I know that it can be difficult but there are many things you can do to soften the hurt. Make plans with friends have a friendsmas (like friendsgiving but for Christmas). Decorate your own space to help get into the jolly holiday spirit, even if it’s only something small. Give. Giving to others wether it be as a gift, or giving your time to volunteer, or donating a box of old clothes you no longer use is a great way to help yourself feel better. After all, Christmas is the time of giving. Keep your spirits high this Christmas season and don’t let the fact that you’re away from family keep you down. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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