Love will come when you least expect it

Love will sweep you off your feet

You will leave love

But love still stays

You are scared, shaking at the knee caps

But love holds your hand all the way down the long windy road of long distance

Love will come home and meet your parents

And then love will have to leave

You will take love to the airport and it will break your heart

You will cry (a lot)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You will finally tell love

“I am in love with you”

Love will come visit you in your new place of living

You will go visit love

You and love will take your first road trip and go visit love’s family

You will meet love’s mom

Love will pass the nastiest gas you have EVER smelt!!!

There will be a lot of visits back and forth between you and love

There will be a lot of fights

But there will also be a lot of love

A lot of laughs

You will lose someone precious to you

This will affect the relationship between you and love

Things will roll downhill

You and love break up

24hrs later you and love get back together

A few months later you and love will break up again

This will destroy you

This will indefinitely change you

Love will continue to hurt you over and over again

You will hurt love over and over again

You and love are both lost

The love is lost

Eventually love will come back

But you will shove love away

Finally, after months and months of agony, you and love fall back in sync

Love will move to your place of living

You and love will build a home

Love will break your heart and your trust again

It will destroy you

But just like before you build yourself back up

Except unlike before, love is there to hold your hand

Even though you sometimes don’t want to hold it, you will

Love tells you, “The road you are going down is not easy. It wasn’t easy for me. But I promise you it is so worth it. It is worth every second.”

You heal in a way you never thought you’d have to

But that doesn’t matter, because you heal.

You heal.

You and love will rebuild your relationship

A new foundation built on honesty

A better foundation

You will re-fall in love with love in a way you never have before

I think love has re-fallen in love in a new way with you too

Things have never been so good between you and love

And things will only get better, you know this

This makes you smile

Love makes you smile

Love makes you happy

Love makes you laugh

You love love.

And although it is so difficult for you to let go of the hurt, the betrayal, the pain you also know that it was needed. The break up and everything it entailed was necessary. You truly, whole heartedly believe, that you and love would not be where you’re at without it. There may not even be a “you and love”. So instead of continuing to allow the pain to scratch at your heart, let it help heal you. Because there is a “you and love” and there will always will be. You and love are gonna make it to the old and smelly senile days. What’s that thing you and love always say? 366? 366 and forever. So be thankful that you and love have grown through what you’ve gone through because you wouldn’t be here today without it.





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