My Christmas Decorations + how to decorate for the holidays on a budget!

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I tweeted over four years ago that I couldn’t wait to have an entire apartment of my own to decorate. This year, back in May, my wish finally came true! Which means this is my first Christmas that I get to decorate for!!!

I don’t care what anybody says, I think Christmas celebrations (and decorations) should start November 1st. Andrew does not agree with me, and so we agreed we wouldn’t decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.

Todays post is allll about our Christmas decorations as well as some tips on how to decorate on a budget!

The reason I even wanted to write this post in the first place is to talk about the advent calendar I found! Here’s the back story; my family has had the same Christmas tree advent Calender literally for my entire life. My mom got it when I was a baby and we still have it to this day. As I began my search for holiday decor I knew I wanted a very similar advent calendar. To my surprise I found THE EXACT SAME ONE on Etsy, like WHAT?!?!? How in the world is that even possible?!?! Sounds too good to be true right? Well turns out, it was. I ordered the advent calender and patiently waited for its arrival. Tracking the package location daily. There was a lot of issue with USPS and unfortunately my package ended up being mailed back to the sender, all the way across the world. When Andrew told me this I literally started crying in the parking lot of our apartment building. On the bright side, the Etsy shop owner is going to mail it back to me once she finally receives it. And even though I am so bummed I won’t have it for this year, I’m still incredibly thankful to have it at all. And it will be the perfect addition for next year!


So let’s start with the obvious, the Christmas Tree!



Andrew and I got a 7 foot fake tree this year! Luckily our tree was pretty inexpensive, we got it from Target around all the black Friday deals so it was a steal! Everybody is different, some people love real Christmas trees and some don’t. I’ve never ever had a real Christmas tree so I didn’t have any interest in getting one and Andrew wanted a fake one too.

Christmas on a budget- The nice thing about getting a fake tree is that you can re-use it year after year for multiple years in a row! We also got plastic ornaments instead of glass  (our ornaments are from Wal-Mart) Plastic over glass is great, specially if you have kids or pets. They are much harder to break which means you’ll have to replace them way less often!



We also have a little baby Christmas tree in our bedroom that was a tree I had in my dorm last year!

Right next to our tree is our small entertainment center.


On the top, I put some giant sized Christmas lights that Andrew and I used for our Christmas cards this year! I also have a little stuffed animal reindeer on the left side and a decorative dish from Heidelberg, Germany on the other! On the middle shelf I’ve got a Merry Christmas sign that I picked up from Target last season. On each side of the sign I filled a glass vase with our extra garlin and the mini Christmas ornaments I had on my baby tree from last year! Above the TV we have a metal “Merry Christmas” string of letters which we picked up from Target a few weeks ago.

Christmas on a budget- Using extra garlin to add a little sparkle is any easy and inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to your home. Also using extra ornaments, like I did with my mini ones, is a good way to do more without having buy more!

Let’s talk couch decor!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted some decorative pillows to spice up our living room but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Andrew and I picked up the elf feet pillow from, I believe, Hobby Lobby and luckily I found the red pillows in a pack of two for only $15 at Wal-Mart! I think that the red matches the rest of the house but I’m glad they don’t scream Christmas because they can be used for other purposes all throughout the year! Lastly is the red and white Christmas blanket on the end of our couch. I ordered this super soft and cozy blanket off of Amazon and it’s the perfect detail to tie the whole room together!

Across from the couch we have our adorable stockings!


Let’s step into the kitchen!



On our counter top I just added some more of our extra garlin around the edge to add a little something between the living room and the office. On top of our counter I have my usual vase of (fake) sunflowers and a festive candle from Bath and Body Works in the scent “Campfire Doughnut”.

Christmas on a budget- Again, using extra material/decorations allows you to add additional decor without having to spend additional money.

IMG_0169The only Christmas decorations I have in the actual kitchen are these three dish towels! The one in the middle is totally my favorite. All of these dish towels are from last year!

Christmas on a budget- I know it can be fun to buy all new decorations every year but that isn’t always practical. When you’re balling on a budget it is smart to reuse decorations from the previous year!

Moving on to the office area!

IMG_0162IMG_0161In our office area I have two little trees on each side of our fish tank with some festive garlin strung around them. The red tree is again from last year and the green one Andrew and I picked up at Hobby Lobby!

Last but not least, the bedroom!


I already said earlier that we have a baby tree in the corner of our bedroom! The only additional decorations we have in the bedroom are these ADORABLE pillow cases! I saw these in one of okbaby’s YouTube videos and instantly knew I needed them. Luckily okbaby said in her video where the pillow cases were from and I immediately went and purchased my own. The pillow cases are extremely inexpensive from Cost Plus World Market! They were under $8!!

Christmas on a budget- Your decorations do not have to cost you and arm and a leg. Take the time to shop around, in person or online, for the best deals so you can get what you want without having to eat ramen for dinner every night until your next paycheck!

The only room in the house Andrew and I don’t have any Christmas decorations is in the bathroom, which is okay with me because we’ve got enough decorations everywhere else! I really didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount to decorate for the holidays, Christmas is expensive enough as it is. I am so so pleased with how our home turned out and I already know the house will feel so empty and sad when we have to take it all down in January!

Let me know how you love to decorate on a budget for the holidays!

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 8.20.50 PM

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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