Wow. it has been over a month since I’ve written and posted. Definitely not something I wanted to do, but this is where I am. I had big goals and big plans for what 2018 would hold for me and for Be The Sunshinee. And honestly, I had been really disappointed in myself and in the year. But like always, things turned around eventually.

March has been a hectic, busy, and EXCITING month! I can’t wait to share the past four weeks with yall. Today I am sharing my March Madness Recap!


Let’s rewind to the very end of February. I turned 22! I had such an incredible birthday with my friends and with Andrew. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. My entire day was filled with love and birthday wishes and I ended the evening with dinner at one of Andrew and I’s favorite spots, Torchys Taco!

Now, let’s rewind to a few days before my birthday. I have wanted a dog for almost a year now. (Well I’ve wanted a dog since the day I moved out of my parents house but it wasn’t until a year ago I was actually able). I can’t tell you how many times I begged Andrew over and over to pleaseeee get a pup! So he definitely knew what kind of dog I wanted; a brown (boy) chocolate lab who was a tiny pup. So when Andrew asked me one evening, “So, what kind of dog do you want?” I knew something was up. I told him (again) I really wanted a brown boy chocolate lab and then I asked why. He started to smirk and said, well I found a lab puppy but it’s a girl and she’s black. I said, “Okay… well just show me a picture”. So he did and then I said, Well… let’s just go and meet her. IF we go and fall in love then we’ll get her and if not then we’ll keep searching”. We both should’ve known right then and there we were getting a dog. A few days later on March 1st we met at Petsmart to meet the foster mom and see if e wanted to adopt. I got there before Andrew did and as soon as we turned the corner I said, “We haveee to get her!”


On March 4th Andrew did something SUPER EXCITING! He finally launched WNDR. An incredible travel and adventure lifestyle brand that has been in the works for almost two years! The turnout and excitement from our friends, family and strangers has been awesome and we are both eternally grateful. Want to learn more? (And trust me, you most definitely do) you can find WNDR at:

Instagram: @letswndr 



Back in January I took my national Radiology registry exam, and I failed. By 3 points. What a major setback and disappointment, I will be writing a future blog post in the next few weeks so stay turned for that! I rescheduled and retook my exam on March 15th, AND I PASSED!!!!! Passing my registry was one of the biggest and best highlights of my March. Finally being a regisrty x-ray tech is such a huge accomplishment and relief! Especially after failing the first attempt, passing has been so sweet!

Two days before I took my registry we finally got to bring our babygirl home! Our daydream of having a little pup running around the house had finally came true! Bella is already getting so big! She is so adventurous and gets a little crazy, especially at night! She’s getting better about potty training and she’s gotten so good at using her crate! She is soooo damn cute and we love her so much!!! We’ve got a whole video coming soon to our YouTube Chanelle so we sure to subscribe so you don’t miss all the cuteness! She also has her own Instagram @Bella_theblacklabb.

Towards the end of the month my family came down to visit for their spring break and it was so nice to see them after 6 months! And they loveeee Bella just as much as we do! They definitely spoiled her with tons of toys! We celebrated Easter a little early since they had to go home before the holiday weekend and it was such a blessing! We got to celebrate with my Grandma and most of my cousins. I freakin LOVE when we’re able to get all the families today, it’s so rare these days that the moments we do get are treasured so deeply.

March was a much needed month full of nothing but GOOD. The beginning of the year left me feeling so down and out about so many aspects of my life but everything has come full circle, as it always does. I also paid off most of my car and I’ll finished paying off the rest in April! I got my car registration done on time and without tears/ a mental breakdown for the first time EVER! Passed my registry and GOT A DOG! Andrew and I secured our new apartment for when we move in May and we can’t wait to be in a bigger space! April is going to be a busy hustle and bustle month for the both of us and then we’re taking a trip back to California! And once May rolls around, it’ll be another busy, crazy, and hectic month! And I can’t wait!

I am feeling an impeccable amount of joy, happiness, gratitude, and damn I am so blessed. I began to have doubts about how 2018 would treat me, and while it started out rough, I still think it’ll be one hell of a year!

*** ANNOUNCEMENT! While we’ve got plans to continue posting at least once a week on we are going to be posting DAILY for the next 2-4 weeks on @Bethesunshinee on Instagram! If you want to keep up with us on a more personal basis head on over and check us out! Leave us a comment so we can be sure to follow back!

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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