I am over the moon excited to write todays post but I’ve also been avoiding it because I know I won’t make it through without crying at least once. More often than not, any time I start talking about Nate I get emotional.

So, without further a due… meet my people: Nate.


My little (and only) brother Nathan. Aka Nate, Bubba, Nater Tater, Nater, Bubby, and sometimes dumbass (don’t worry, it’s a family inside joke!)

Nate was born back in 2004, which puts me at 8 years old. I immediately fell in the love with this sweet bundle of joy!


I mean seriously, HOW CUTE IS HE?!

Since day one Nate and I have always had a super close relationship, I think it’s due to our large age difference. Growing up I had to babysit Nate ALOT and sometimes I could be super mean! I remember one time in specific he was trying to talk to me and I kept pretending that I didn’t know who he was. He kept saying, “I’m your brother!!!” and I kept saying, “No you’re not… I don’t have a brother” this went on until Nate was in tears.

I remember another time I locked him in the pitch black pantry multiple times when I knew he was terrified of the dark. Don’t worry, he’s gotten his payback since then.

But I was also the best big sister ever! I made up the brocoli song and sang it to Nate every single time we had brocoli for dinner. Sometimes I still sing it to him! “I have a tree, I have a tree, I have a tree and the tree has me!” And I also made up a song for bedtime when we had to brush teeth! Nate hates brushing his teeth so I’d always sing him, “Brush brush brush brush brush br-br-brush, brush brush brush yourrrr teeeth!!”

Besides the rare moments when I was a mean sister, Nate and I always got along! As we both got older I would tend to parent him more than sister him and my parents would occasionally have to put me back in my place!

Watching him grow up from a tiny little bean into who he is now, a 14 year old TEENAGER, has been my biggest blessing by far. I can not believe he has already had a “girlfriend” who he bought valentines day gift for, he’ll be in HIGHSCHOOL later this year, and he’s eligible for his drivers perment in one year. Like what the heck?!?!!!!

Nate and I are two peas in a pod.

When I left for the Air Force Nate was 10 years old, my mom told me he cried and cried and cried the night I felt for BMT. He cried so hard he made himself sick and had to miss school the next day. He wrote me the cutest notes while I was away at Basic and always drew me picture of my dog, Bailey. He’d also always write about how fat Bailey was! I still have all those notes and letters to this day!

Like I said either, payback. Nate quickly grew taller than me and much much stronger! I’m 22, he’s 14 and he can take me down in less than a second, and he never lets me forget it either. I guess that’s what I get for my mean tricks as a kid.

Over the past four years as I’ve been moved out on my own and far from my family I have missed out on so much of Nate’s life. It’s the hardest thing about being away. I feel like I’m missing out on his whole life which breaks my heart. Every time my mom sends me pictures of Nate before practice, or a banquet, or school I literally get teary eyed over it.


I told Andrew awhile ago, “Damn, if I can love my little brother this dang much I can’t even imagine how much I’m going to love my own child.”

Nate has taught me so much about unconditional love, what it truly means to be a big sister, how important it is to set a good example as a role model and mentor, and how to roll with the punches (his and life, and let me tell ya- Nate punches hard).


EXPECTATION.                                 REALITY.







I am so blessed to be loved and looked up to by such a great kid. His has a hilarious l sense of humor, a strong sense of competition, a love for football and wrestling, and a smart ass mouth! (Just like me)

I am so proud of the young man Nate is becoming and I can’t wait to continue watching him grow. In just four short years he’ll be headed to college and the adorable little boy who is scared of the dark will be gone. I wish I could keep Nate a little baby forever because I am not ready for him to grow up! But it seems he already is.

Nate, I hope you know how damn proud I am of you and how proud I am to be your sister. Even though I miss out on your day to day life (and you rarely text me back) I will always and forever be your biggest sister! You can always count on me, always come to me with anything, and always trust me. I got your back always Bubba! And I can’t wait for you to come visit this summer!! Never forget you’re an MFE Bud!!!!

Love, Raye




-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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