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Hi everybody and welcome back to Bethesunshinee! I want to start a new mini series on my blog all about THINGS I’M LOVING! That’s what todays post is all about! I’m going to share all of my summer 2018 must-haves and favorites! I’ve got a wide range of different goods to share with you including my current favorite podcasts, instagram accounts, clothing, food, and more! Since I have so many different things to share with you all I will be doing a two-part series! I asked and you answered (on my instagram story poll), so I will try to keep my posts on the shorter side!

These are all things I whole heartedly have been loving; whether they bring me happiness, motivation, inspiration, or simply make me feel good. I am all about spreading the joy and want to help you live your happiest life!

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I started getting heavily into podcasts about 5 or 6 months ago and immediately fell in love. A couple that have really grabbed my attention include; What We Said, Gals on the Go, My Favorite Murder, and The Goal Digger Podcast. 

My number one, absolute current favorite podcast right now is What We Said Podcast created by Instagram influencer Jaci Marie and her long time bestie Chelsey Jade. I literally discovered this Podcast MAYBE two weeks ago and have already listened to every single episode. I don’t know it is about this podcast that draws me in so much but it is awesome!! Jaci and Chelsey talk about anything and everything, from young marriage, being mormon, healthy living, important social topics, and more! It’s like hanging out with your bestfriends when you tune in. If you want a carefree care ride that will have you laughing, feeling inspired, and just plain GOOD then you NEED to subscribe and tune in… That’s what we said!


I have just recently discovered Gals on the Go hosted by YouTube influencers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. They just recently started a few weeks ago and share all the insight about college life at the University of Georgia. They share all about what it’s like being a full-time influencer and a full-time student, how to heighten your productivity, and all the adventures they endure through their travels! If you wanna feel like your just hanging with the girls on your drive to work or while you’re getting your cardio in, tune in every Wednesday for a new episode!


Anybody who knows me knows how much I LOVE Criminal Minds and all things true crime. My sister told me about the My Favorite Murder podcast and I was instantly hooked. This is the best and most unique true crime podcast I’ve listened to. If you’re interested in listening to two corky women laugh their way through different criminal cases in the most laid back, comical, and sometimes totally inappropriate way then you will love this podcast, I guarantee! Check them out and #StaySexy.


I’m sure plenty of you have heard about The Goal Digger Podcast hosted by the awesome entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher! She talks all things #GirlBoss, married life, running full-time businesses, infertility, her pregnancy journey, and so much more! If you are looking for insight on how to grow a following in the most sincere and genuine way possible, how to be a badass girl boss without it over taking your entire life, how to own and rent out property in Hawaii, and everything in between then you need to check out this podcast!


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My goal with my blog and my instagram is to spread light to all those I encounter. I am constantly searching for positive and inspiring people to follow on Instagram and honestly find it somewhat difficult to find other women in my “niche”. I thought it’d be helpful to share some of my favorite accounts with you so you can add more joy into your life!

I’m not even going to get into this one because I literally talk about her all the time, but yep you guessed it! @em_carey. If you don’t follow Emma you need it. If you haven’t heard of the girl who fell from the sky then do yourself a favor and check her out, hit that follow button, and thank me later!

Follow Emma at @em_carey here!

If you looking for that Positive Polly who is literally happy ALL the time, bring happiness to others just by simply being, and inspires hundreds everyday then give @fivefootoneteacher a follow. She is a ninth grade english teacher who teaches at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida (yes, this was the awful school shooting in February of 2018). She exerts love in everything she does, she truly LOVES her job and her students, encourages, inspires, and teaches that you are #unbreakable. Brittany is a burning light and this world needs more souls like hers.

Follow Brittany at @fivefootoneteacher here!

For any of my fitness fans I’ve got another teacher for you who also doubles as a kick ass fitness coach and an adorable dog mom aka @dignifiedstrengthfit! Talk about someone who does it all! Kasey stays crazy busy during the school year as she juggles being a full-time teacher, working on her own fitness journey, coaching others along their journey and running her coaching business, and throwing a social life into the mix. She is a do-it-all boss babe who somehow handles the workload like a champ. If you need more inspiration to go have your dreams and turn them into a reality then you need to follow Kasey! Bonus; her pup Radley is ADORABLE!!! We love a sweet pup, am I right?

Follow Kasey at @dignifiedstrengthfit here!

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I only have two YouTubers to talk about this time! Both of these are people I genuinely love watching and look forward to their videos every day/week.  I know not everybody is  big time into YouTube but if you are, I highly recommend these two channels!

If you know me AT ALL you know I’m literally obsessed with KKandbabyJ. Keren and her adorable family are hands down my favorite YouTube family. I seriously talk about them as if I know them and we’re friends LOL! Karen keeps it real no matter what and Khao is such a kind-hearted soul. Their personalities are present through every video and they make THE CUTEST babies, ever. If you’re into YouTube, vlog videos, and family channels then you will fit that subscribe button faster than you can even say ‘subscribe’.

Follow Keren, Khoa, and the kids here!

Kristee Vetter. I’ve been following and watching her videos for years now but recently she’s moved to DC and is a full-time grad student. She began her fitness journey a little over a year ago and no vlogs her daily life packed full of YouTube, fitness, grad school, and now an internship! My favorite time to watch her videos are right before I’m getting ready to work out or need some motivation. Kristee is not afraid to keep it real and her videos are a reflection of who she truly is.

Follow Kristee on YouTube here! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading todays post and found it helpful! If you check out any of these people/ accounts and love them as much as I do, LET ME KNOW! I’d love to chit-chat! Or, if you’ve already been a fangirl of any of these people, LET ME KNOW!! I’d also love to know what podcasts, instagram accounts, youtubers, or anything that keeps you motivated and inspired! I’m always looking for more social media outlets that leave me feeling GOOD. We’re all just out here trying to live our happiest lives!

A part two of this mini series will be coming soon where I share some of my favorite products and more materialistic items I’ve been loving this summer season!

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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