I asked, you answered! I posted a poll on Instagram earlier this week asking which blog post yall wanted to see first; Paris or Ireland.

And to my surprise, Ireland won! So today I am going to give you the ins + outs of traveling to Dublin, what I learned from my stay/ what I wish I would’ve known before traveling there, and how we spent out days in this beautiful country! There is just so much to share to today specially I will be sharing day one! Day two + day three will be following this week as well!

Let me start by saying, if you have the chance to travel to Ireland, TAKE IT! I was blown away by how breathtakingly beautiful this country is, especially when you visit the actual country side. It is so GREEN!


For both Andrew and I, Ireland was never on our radar of places we absolutely wanted to visit. The reason we did visit is because Andrew’s Aunt was going for her birthday along with one of her friends, Andrew’s mom, and Andrew’s uncle. When we got wind that family was traveling we knew we were traveling too! This is what initiated our European Travels in the first place! And I am so thankful we jumped on the opportunity.

We flew from Paris to Dublin on KLM and the flight wasn’t bad, so no complaints there. Everything is self-service in the airports which was a surprise to me! You check yourself in, you print your own boarding pass, and you even print your own luggage tags! After all of that is done you get in line to weigh your bag and then you go through security! SO make sure you allow time for all of this! Also, PACK ONLY THE NECESSITIES. Andrew and I had to (multiple times) readjust our baggage to avoid overweight charges.

I also noticed when we flew back to Paris from Dublin that the security checkpoints are different. In the United States everybody goes through security at the same location and the make their way to their gates. In the Dublin airport you make your way towards the location of your gate and then you have security there. So the security lines are a lot shorter, but then it limits your mobility around the airport once you’ve gone through!

We stayed in the cutest Air BnB about 15 minutes (by foot) from city center! One of my favorite things about our Air BnB was that the shower runs on its own water heater, so you can run the shower for 5 hours straight and the water will always stay hot!! I need one of those in my home.

What I wish I would’ve known before traveling to Dublin? Well if I ever go back to visit I would prefer to stay outside of Dublin and travel into the city versus staying in Dublin and traveling out. I say this because two out of our three major days there we traveled to other locations and it can be pricey! When we went to Blarney Stone it was a 2/3 hour train ride. And it was 80 euros for my train ticket and 30 euros for Andrew’s (because he got student discount). That leads me to my next point of what I wish I knew; travel as a student!!! I can’t speak for other countries but especially in Ireland student discounts are huge and present in manyyy different places!

Now, on to the fun stuff! How we spent our first day!

On our first full day in Ireland we stayed around City Center. We planned on going to Blarney Stone this day, woke up at the crack of dawn, walked more than a mile to the (wrong) train station and then found out how much it would cost to actually get there. So change of plans!

We ended up going to the Guinness Brewery Factory which was SO cool and SO fun! We learned all about the history of the beer, how it’s made, and we got to taste some!



I don’t drink alcohol, especially beer. But I did try it and it wasn’t too bad! The first few sips were tolerable but after that I handed it off to Andrew.


Did you know that Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the factory building in 1759 because he believed in his beer so much!


We also visited Trinity College and got to tour the Book of Kells, which was so cool! There was a massive library packed with shelves and shelves of history!



And we ended out night with dinner and a visit to the famous Temple Bar !


Day one was relaxing, fun, and full of laughs! We had a rough start in the morning but didn’t let that get in the way of having a kick ass day! It became an ongoing joke throughout the rest of our trip that everything was “15 minutes away”. Any time anybody asked how far we had to go Andrew always said, “15 minutes”. Sometimes he was right and sometimes he was very wrong!!

On Tuesday I will be sharing Ireland day 2, which is one of my favorite days. We got to learn all about sheep herding dogs and watch a super cool demonstration! And then we visited the incredible Cliff of Moher. We toured them by boat (which was absolutely crazy) and then climbed them to see the view from the top!

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude like wildfire.

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