Hi! And welcome back to Be the Sunshinee! It has been a minute since I’ve been able to sit down and write which I explained on my Instagram. Basically, I was in a leadership school for the military the last six weeks but last week I graduated! So, I am super excited to spend all my free time and focus on giving you guys great content!

The holiday season has been in full swing for most people (it’s been full swing for me for awhile!) but to start the season off right on Be the Sunshinee I’m going to challenge YOU to participate in 12 Days of Giving.

Each day will be a different act of kindness + giving back to others. I’ve created cute templates describing each day and those templates will be posted daily starting Thursday December 13th on my Instagram stories! They will also be saved under my “Christmas” highlight on Instagram as well.

As a child, Christmas is all about time off school, delicious cookies, the big jolly man Santa, building snowmen, and PRESENTS! Even as you get older, I’m sure you still enjoy receiving a special gift from a special someone.

As I’ve gotten older, and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of you, the joy comes less from receiving and more from giving. I love buying the perfect gift for my loved ones and often really struggle with waiting until Christmas to give them their gift! Maybe that’s why I am such a last minute shopper!

Regardless, it’s always important to give back to others around your community, make the people in your life know they are appreciated, and spread holiday cheer. This is such a joyous and happy time of year, my absolute favorite by far. But it can also be extremely difficult for some as well. I often forget that so many people struggle during the holidays because I have no reason to be anything but happy. I am trying to be better at remember it’s not like this for everybody.

Small acts of kindness can go such a long way which is why I am so excited to be doing 12 Days of Giving!

How does it work?

  • It’s super easy! Each day I will post a new #GiftofGivingSunshinee on my Instagram story and I challenge YOU to participate each day! If you snap a picture of you in action and want to post it to your story or feed make sure you use the #GiftofGivingSunshinee and tag us so we can see! (But of course, don’t feel obligated to post about your giving. This is a challenge intended to spread kindness to those around us and a picture is not necessary to do so!)

When does it start?

  • Well, the challenge lasts a total of 12 days! So, we’ll start on Thursday, December 13th and the challenge will end on Christmas Eve!

I hope you all are excited to participate in 12 Days of Giving. If you choose not to participate, or you choose to only participate on certain days I simply hope this encourages you to do something for others this holiday season!

-Spread kindness, love, & gratitude life wildfire.

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