A Look into My Life- 2018 Recap!

Took my national x-ray registry for the first time and failed it by 2 points.

My bestfriend ever booked a spontaneous trip to San Antonio for a weekend visit! I also turned 22.

I retook my national x-ray registry and PASSED! So now ya girl is national certified to take yo x-rays. And the best thing that’s happened all year, WE GOT A PUP, who is our pride and joy. We love you Bella Bear.

Andrew and I went to Yosemite and it was amazing! We also spent a day in San Fransisco  and saw a ton of adorable seals!

We took Bella on her first road trip to Missouri (we really lucked out w a pup that travels extremely well in the car) for Andrea’s graduation!!

We went on another family road trip to Florida with my family! It was the first time we boarded Bella and our hearts where so sad. We missed her every single day!

Randomly, on a whim, we got lucky as hell and Andrew found some GREATLY priced tickets to Europe. So without even thinking about it we said, “Buy them!!” and we did.


I went to mammography school which was totally unexpected and not on my agenda. Andrew and I finally got to travel out of the country together to Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland!

I went to work one day and three hours later my supervisor said, “You’re going to ALS. Report there at noon.” Which was extremely unexpected and out of the blue. But I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go before I had a line number!

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